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The Infamous Professor Corc by dapper-owl The Infamous Professor Corc by dapper-owl
edit:I'm not sure how this got out of the and back into my gallery, I was purposefully waiting before adding my older works back into my gallery because I knew DA was being glichty and 're-uploading' them, so I apologize to everyone for spamming inboxes with my older work. This wasn't supposed to be 'posted' again.

Anyways... you can check out the new finished version in my gallery. I revisited this image years later and added colour when I competently could, whereas at the time of drawing the original I knew nothing about colour theory or how to apply it:

EDIT: I am fully aware there are mistakes such as his hand anatomy and the crooked mouth and the eyes aren't quite placed right, etc etc, so please don't feel obligated to point it out to me a billion times. Thanks in advance.

I felt guilty for not working on the comic more. Dom in all his creepy-doctor-needle-bearing-doom. All pencils, traditional, etc. I need to draw my Dominique more often. ;__;' Poor guy, so abused and no love.

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Given 2008-09-19
The Infamous Professor Corc by *lone-momo is a stunning traditional character drawing rich in detail and more than worth a second look! ( Featured by damphyr )
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October 5, 2011
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