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You're My Favourite Book by dapper-owl You're My Favourite Book by dapper-owl
Edit; I forgot all about his glasses! So I added them in, and made him the original dimensions of the image i was working on. I also edited the ear a tiny bit. Sorry for all the updates and tweaks. >_O

The last personal piece for the summer, I go back to school tomorrow. ;_; End of the fun, time for work. So I might be quite absent from posting work and updates for a while. I hope this will help tide you guys over a bit!

Explanation: Baal is a book collector, and one day he steals (oh yah, he 'collects' books from other people too) a book that happens to be a personal journal of sorts. He gets to read all the thoughts and musings of the author and feels like he knows the person quite intimately. Since Baal is a thief and a spy, friends are hard to come by, so all he has to keep him company are his few simple pleasures. His book collection, namely. So this journal sorta became his best friend, and definitely his favourite book.

Baal (c) me
song: You're My Favourite Book - Stars
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September 1, 2009
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